SEO Learning Center

Like medical doctors, we first begin by  having a scheduled SKYPE conversation  perhaps several  to understand your business/service/or product….At the same time  we are analysing your company’s website during the  first few weeks  in order to make some critical fixes to ready your website’s health for the powerul — “Massive Sales PBN“.

Often  from our experience, we have moved sites higher in Google search results  in several weeks just by making some quick cosmetic and internal technical changes to a website, You would be suprised just how many good looking, user friendly websites are missing a properly formated  “robots.txt” file.—-what is this? I will explain on this page.

The Library Analogy”

  1. Think about your business website .. .as a unique book in a library [this library is Google]

2. Think about the keywords associated with your business or service as “category terms” that Google “the library ” will use to place your book [ your busines wbesite  ]  in the right shelf.

3. Backlinks-

definition=> an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
“the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be”

Backlinks are one metric Google uses to “index” your site, Google will send a program called a “google-bot” to your

website and this Google-bot is more like a “librairian” and she is going to do somethng called “spider” or “crawl” your site.

The Google spider will crawl your site’s media, written text on the pages to gather keywords that “repeat” –or what’s called “keyword density“. The spider wil also crawl your technical setting in your site to see if you have  “meta tags” and other “meta data“[Meta data/tags tell the Google spider what your site’s content and media  is topically focused about] . It also shows up to viewer

when they do a search in Google. You want this written well from both a search engine and a user perspective. It is important these tags incorporate keywords but also compel users to click. and a “site-map“–which is like a “table of contents” like in a real physical book.  So ,if your website has none of these metrics or , poorly created inner settings–then the librarian will stop visiting your site to crawl it–because the first several times she visited it, she could’nt understand what your site was about??? resulting in you not ranking in Google search for your keywords and keywords your clients type into Google search browser.

When you subscribe to our internet marketing programs–the first two months we are going to work on getting your site indexed properly by the Google spider , We are going to fetch and catch the spider’s attention by helping you re-write some of the wordage on your webite so that it is has a higher “keyword density“[is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

In the context of search engine optimization, keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase]–more SEO knowledge wil be share with you later by email:)

Our goal here at SEODOCTOR  is to

  1. repair and improve your wesbites metrics in the  first month  after we have corrected your site’s metrics., we will begin your  5 Blog PBN Massive Sales Program.
  2. In the third month we begin your opt-in email campaign that is geotargeted at the exact type of customers you need to walk into your business or call you for an appointment. It’s al about conversions from visitors to your website and from the email campaign.
  3. We hope you found this page informative and you learned something new. If you stil have questions about  what exactly is “SEO”  –Search  Engine Optimisiation , then please contact  us.    Polo Mwonyonyi, CEO,  SEO EXPERT   the “SEODOCTOR”.