My name is Polo  Mwonyonyi .  An  American SEO Expert and creator of the Massive Sales PBN project.

I speak native English, Russian and Ukrainian. I am an internet marketer. When I am not creating seo campaigns I take pleasure in teaching SEO and IT [internet Technology ] English to Ukrainian students and working professionals.



I originally wanted to be  a trade diplomat and in 2001 I moved to Ukraine to learn the Russian language….along the way, plans changed marriage, children, divorce…fate.  Politics wasn’t interesting anymore.. .but helping people and their busineses stay competitive was spiritually beneficial for me.  Why Ukraine? I feel more “needed” here than I ever did in my life.  I have been teaching SEO and IT English for several years in both Russia and Ukraine. However, Ukraine is now my permanent home . .my final address.     English and SEO completely changes peoples income and lives. . .






Polo Mwonyonyi ,  CEO

skype  “bagira1029”

380987658239 [also viber]

My team has a combined 11 years experience in seo , website design, online and offline sales and although we are located in India and Ukraine. We have operated globally on projects for small and very large corporations who value our results , secrecy and our fair prices. Trust your success and more importantly , trust your dream with us.

Abdul Kaderiem , SEO Jedi, PBN manager

I have more than 5 years xpertise in SEO, SMM , SEM and digital marketing, Web development, email marketing , Sql laguage, Java Script. HTML , CSS , Deluge scripting, Server and Cloud management and I am also a ZOHO expert. I completed my education with a degree in Computer Science. I am working also in an American company as a developer and SEO consultant.

Shorif Hassan, SEO, SMM  & Online marketer, PBN manager. database management, CC++ programming . Degree Computer Programming.